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The Bridge of investment  between Australia and China

Australian World Square Property Group (hereinafter referred to as WSPG) is an affiliated company of Ao Hua Holding Limited,  which is an Australian Public Company listed in 1995 and mainly engaged in investment banking. Over the past twenty years it has supported major investments in mainland China. It has established deep ties with a number of well-known international funds, and has accumulated wealth market experience in China.

WSPG, after years of experience, particularly in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, has developed an Australian and Chinese business focused on an international investment banking platform. It facilitates mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and direct investment. Clients include listed companies, private companies, institutions, government, private equity financiers, and private investors.

In the process of providing customers with finance and investment services, World Square Group has been endorsed with Clients’ high praise. We have provided strong capital market operation experiences between Australia and China.

We have earned Customers trust with a team of first-class professionals, and have developed a good reputation for independent thinking, careful analysis, and breakthrough innovation,  depth of expertise, excellent service standards and excellent work performance.


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